Degree Programme in Construction Engineering, Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)

Construction Engineering

In addition to houses, construction engineering is applicable in our built-up environment to traffic corridors and water and waste management, for example. The tasks of engineering graduates may be related to the construction of new premises and to the repair of existing structures in engineering, development or project management in Finland and abroad. Daily tasks may involve design, product development, supervision in an official capacity, or trading. Construction professionals constantly monitor developments in the sector, they are familiar with the latest design and production techniques and can manage modern management techniques, and they are capable of applying them to practical situations at work.

Construction engineers must have a view of the entire construction process in addition to their specialty. Work requires, in addition to professional knowledge management, problem-solving abilities, financial thinking, management skills, cooperation skills, IT skills and language skills.

A degree completed in English provides construction engineers with good language skills and international know-how, making it possible to work anywhere in the world.