Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Management, Centria-ammattikorkeakoulu

Length & duration: 3.5 years, 210 credits, full-time studies

The degree programme in Business Management focuses on supporting SMEs in the surrounding area in their internationalization process. A research among the companies was made, in order to find out which skills and qualifications are needed to be successful on international markets.

The accredited degree programme in Business Management provides both Finnish and international students with a coherent link between business and technology within the international business community.

The focus of the programme is entrepreneurship and international business. Throughout the studies students examine the growth of business enterprises from the business concept to a fully operational company in the international market.

The studies contain basic studies during first year and professional studies during 2nd and 3rd year. The themes in professional studies are deepening the knowledge in business analysis, good business practices and global approach. There is also a half a year exchange period in a abroad university, and 5 month work placement internship included in studies. Centria has great emphasis and collaboration on large variety of universities across the world.

Continuous change in the society has brought about a number of significant changes in the organisation of learning and teaching. The emphasis is on relatively large functional modules as well as on learning strategies through which the students will develop their ability to manage change. The modules are based on the functional areas of a business enterprise.

Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius offers diverse Bachelor level business studies by Vaasa Open University. It’s possible to apply directly to Vaasa University’s Master’s Programme in Business Studies after completing a Bachelor’s degree in a University of Applied Sciences.

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Qualification: Bachelor of Business Administration. Occupational titles: export & import manager, sales representative, marketing manager, key accountant, office manager, project manager, purchase manager, CFO, financial manager, human resource manager, entrepreneur.